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While the location of Peplow Hall is quiet and peaceful, there are still lots of activities to do and things to enjoy across Shropshire. Shaped by history and characterised by its unique rural charm, the beautiful county of Shropshire is simply one of a kind.

With countless activities to do, beautiful sights to see and local gastropubs and restaurants to eat in the nearby towns and villages, Peplow Hall is perfectly positioned to venture out and explore everything the county has to offer.

Things to Do

From exploring some of Shropshire’s most iconic landmarks to admiring every inch of its rural beauty, the possibilities are endless. Discover our top picks for activities and attractions near Peplow Hall.

Discover Shropshire on Foot

Where to Eat

From fine dining to cosy gastro pubs, Shropshire is full of places to taste fresh food. Dive into the local food scene and explore the gastropubs, restaurants and cafes close to Peplow Hall.

Local Walks

Take the time to explore Shropshire on foot. Admire the beautiful landscapes and experience the many unspoiled nature walks the county has to offer.

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Things to Do